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Five foods to avoid in current weather

This season, the winter season, where each passing days seems to more coldly than the previous one, it is important that we stay warm and comfortable and avoid getting sick. Weather we stay indoors and cover ourselves or we venture out for our daily work, we must do our best to stay healthy and warm to avoid falling prey to the bitter cold attacks. 

The drop in temperatures brings with it bags full of sicknesses.  However, winter is considered to be the right time to have fresh vegetables and fruits, and include some spices into our diet, what we eat in our diets has maximum impact on our health, and thereby, choosing the right foods to eat in this weather is the key to good health. As it is important to have the right food, it is also important that we avoid certain foods in this season. 

Checkout for the list of five foods that we should avoid in the current weather:

Dairy products: like milk, cream, cheese and any other processed form is not good for the respiratory system. They are the cause of nasal, chest and throat congestions. Particularly if you are susceptible to flus and respiratory infections, it is important to avoid dairy products. 


White sugar: it is important to keep a check on the amount of white sugar intake in this season. Used as sweetener in desserts, cakes, pastries, chocolates and soft drinks, it has the quality to make you feel full without adding nay nutrition value. 


White or refined flour: during winters even though you crave for a bit of fried foods, it is important to take care that refined flour is not used in them. It is naturally unhealthy and is bleached, causing problems in the intestine. 


Drinking coffee: during winters we all get attracted towards drinking coffee. Perhaps drinking a cup or two isn’t bad, but drinking more of it and particularly with sugar and milk, as full cream coffee has high amounts of calories and it is not at all a healthy option to have during winters.


Fired foods: are a rich source of trans fat and adds up to the total calorie intake without adding any value to the diet. Consuming high amounts of fried foods can lead to health issues like blood pressure and obesity.

Eating healthy is a habit that we should all adopt be it any weather any season. However, winter months is the period when our immunities are down and we should take proper precautions of what we eat and what we need to avoid.  


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Five foods to avoid in current weather

Five foods to avoid in current weather

Diet clinic is progressing under the ushering of our expert Dietician Sheela Sehrawat.

We proudly introduce her as our chief mentor and dietician. She is running this prestigious institution for last 13 years and to the present day this institution is not a mere small clinic but actually a chain of weight loss clinics scattered all over the northern India and functioning with 35 successful centers. The voluminous fame which Diet Clinic bears is not earned in a short span of time; she is the pivotal person behind its huge success. Without her die hard conviction and dedication this could never happen.

She is a qualified dietician, registered with IDA and practicing since 2006. Prior to her engagement as a private dietician, she remained associated with army hospital. When she was a student she counseled many clients gratuitously. The pain and suffering of obesity patients made her work as a full time dietician to serve the world.

She has a keen interest in research and study, therefore she keep herself busy in latest health seminars and workshops. She is a student of dietetics and always wants to remain so. Her quest for knowledge has led her to develop various customized diet plans for her patients. These plans have benefited thousands of people to lose their unwanted part of their body. Her acute guidance and motivation let people work on their health and positive results come naturally.

All our dietician staff is well qualified and trained under her mentorship. She takes personal interest in any new recruitment and recruits only those dieticians who match the standards of the Diet Clinic. Our complete team works under her guidance to crack each case of obesity. Our testimonials are evidence of our success.

We are aimed to make this world free from extra weight and obesity. Our motto is “LET YOUR DIET WORK FOR YOU.”

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