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Ask Sheela-seharawat

Sheela Seharawat is just one of the most successful dieticians in the world of health. Her contribution to Diet Clinic is just invincible. With the prime efforts and dedication of Sheela, Diet clinic is now on the position of one of the popular weight loss diet programs providers.

She is among a few of the reputed and trusted dieticians who created menu plans for weight loss and finest health. All that depending on your kitchen features solely without any further modifications in your present lifestyle. The Diet menus designed from Sheela’s experience helps patients to best at lowering any medical illness or control weight.

Our service is best as assisted by a team of qualified weight loss experts. “DIET CLINIC” is aimed to offer best services to all you who are seeking effective and simple way to lose weight. Our honored Dietician Sheela has been awarded as "Best Dietician in Gurgaon" & our center as “Best Sliming Centre in Chandigarh" along with “North India Business Excellence Award Ceremony - 2012" by none other than Mr Shashi Tharror himself. That award ceremony was held on, January 7 Saturday, 2011 at Hotel Crown Plaza Gurgaon.

The North India Service Excellence Awards 2012 service was the 6th Service Excellence Awards Ceremony. This was honored by Mr. Shashi Tharoor as its chief guest. Mr. Shashi Tharoor is an admired author of 12 books, was the Under-Secretary General in United Nations and a Minister as well at that time.

Sheela Seharawat, MD and other expert team of dieticians are fully dedicated to treasured services just to ensure that every client will achieve their health goals capably. Diet clinic has been proposing helpful weight loss diet programs for the past 10 years and has developed a generally huge appreciation around weight loss industry. Our team apprehends better checking out all health facilities in anyone’s regular life. We are truly pleased and motivated to link with the world's top most capable partners to support our clients with a much upgraded approach. With this stern effort we are able to appease more clients from diverse age groups with the vital goal.

Consistency and constancy is accompanying Diet Clinic. Our awards just put you on the safer side so as to be relaxed and work out with our diet plans. Don’t waste time on useless plans. Contact us now for efficient weight loss programs.