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About Sheela


Having fatty belly, low activeness due to heavy weight and health problems are the matters of concerns for common people these days. So all those who are facing problems like this and are unable to have extra weight loss programs due to busy life schedules come straightway to us. However some people are following right kind of exercise still they are not getting the visible results. The difference is with the diet plans. So if you are interested in losing weight without getting any drastic change in your lifestyle then DIET CLINIC is your destination.

Here the most experienced anti-ageing specialist, weight loss &wellness specialist Sheela Sehrarwat is present actively. She is highly admired and certified dietitian in the world of fitness in India. Well educated Sheela is a graduate with honors. It is only her hard work along withallegiance towards her work that has blessed her with the distinct position among dieticians in market. So she is enjoying the extended list of happy and contented clients in diverse corners of the world also have been awarded with many awards. 

The best awards that she has got in her life are “Best dietician in Gurgaon” and “best Slimming center in Chandigarh”.She is providing her excellence to the world of diet health since 2006 with her private diet clinic and isshe is listed with IDA now as well.However before Diet Clinic, she was an attendantat Army hospital. Also on regular basis, she is offeringthe counseling sessions to her clients and making nutritional research as well.

Sheela Sehrarwat is moving ahead with her main motto “LET YOUR DIET WORK FOR YOU” and she is incessantly working on it. As we all know that a balanced diet proposes the body all the vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins necessary so as to maintain cells, tissues and organs. This helps them function in proper manner.

She has well trained the entire team of dieticians at Diet Clinic. This has supported the clinic in best manner and is providing maximum benefits from the programs to all clients. The list of diets as follows:

Note : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Recipes are some of the specialized programs offered by her.